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here is nothing is worse than having a clogged toilet with overflow issues! Call EXPRESS Plumbing & Drain Cleaning at 9738166370 for fast and dependable drain cleaning service!

What should you do if you toilet clogs?

Your toilet is clogged and overflowing! Now what do you do? First of all and most obvious, damage control. If your toilet overflowed, you’ll want to clean it up as soon as possible. If it has not overflowed yet, although tempting, do not flush your toilet again. Next, if this is a “natural” blockage, you can try using a plunger. However, if it is a foreign object, it really should be removed. Unfortunately, pushing anything denser then toilet paper into your sewer may create a more serious blockage in your homes drain and waste system. Our plumbers are highly skilled and trained to figure out the root cause of the clog and will take the necessary steps to dislodge and remove it quickly and safely. Call us at any time, day or night. When you need clogged toilet repair service in Bergen County New Jersey Jersey, we’ll be ready.

Having toilet problems? Flush those troubles by calling EXPRESS Plumbing at 9738166370. We will to happy to help you with your clogged toilet, as well as any of your toilet repair, toilet replacement and toilet installation needs in the Bergen County New Jersey , Passaic County New Jersey, Hudson County New Jersey,Morris County New Jersey, Essex County New Jersey,Sussex County New Jersey,Union County New Jersey and Mercer County New Jersey.
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We provide many Toilet Services to Northern Jersey Homeowners and Businesses including:
Clogged Toilet
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Unclog Toilet
Clear Toilet
Snake Toilet
Toilet repair
Toilet replacement
Toilet installation
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